New York City Broadway Bridge CAR WASH reinvents classic NY WASH AND LUBE model

New York City Broadway Bridge CAR WASH reinvents classic NY WASH AND LUBE model
New York, NY. Broadway Bridge Wash & Lube announced today the launch if its new website ( meant to highlight the classic wash and lube model so many proprietors have abandoned for more specialized services. The new site seeks to publicize the full service capabilities that this New York City car wash feels to be missing in the Manhattan area, where time is the most precious commodity car owners have.

“Why not kill two birds with one stone?” asks store manager Moshe Farkash. “Most New Yorkers are so pressed for time that we wanted to give car owners a one-stop service model that allows them to improve their car’s appearance and performance at once. The website is meant to show customers that there are still businesses out there set up to accommodate their busy schedules and not the other way around.” 

More important than this New York City car wash’s time saving capabilities, is their overall commitment to improving customer satisfaction by creating a pleasant atmosphere where professionalism and quality service remain the gold standards for automotive care. 

“Our goal was always to create a customer experience reminiscent of the classic full service wash and lubes you’d see in a film from Hollywood’s Golden Age. Friendly service, complete detailing, quick oil changes and full service maintenance packages, give our customers a chance to treat their cars right. We’ve even set up a deluxe espresso bar so our customers can be more comfortable while they wait.” 

According to this NY Car Wash, in a metropolitan area known for its unpredictable climates and intense traffic conditions, the wear and tear on any vehicle can cause a great deal of damage. A car's engine is a complicated technology, involving hundreds of parts working together at high velocities, and too often car owners neglect their vehicles when regular and proper maintenance can make a huge impact on vehicle longevity. 

“Proper maintenance is crucial,” says Farkash. “But more important is to find a quality service provider. A car is big investment—even if you’re leasing—and too often we hear horror stories about impersonal and unprofessional service where a car is damaged by careless workmanship. At Broadway Bridge, we take extraordinary measures to ensure your car always looks and performs its best. We offer customers a chance to work with one team to address the multiple needs of their vehicles, which ultimately puts the quality control back into the consumer’s hands.”

Known for their innovative detailing and interior cleaning methods as well as their quick and comprehensive maintenance packages, Broadway Bridge Wash & Lube is making a difference by redefining how to address automotive care.

“Our concept isn’t new nor is it complicated and yet its seems so rare these days. We don’t know when service with a smile fell out of fashion, but we still believe that a car owner shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality service for a competitive price,” says Farkash. “We understand that New Yorkers spend countless hours in their cars and we’re focused on making their driving experiences as pleasant as possible. Our customers trust us to care about their entire vehicle not just the oil in their crankcase—and trust is really what full service quality is all about.”