New York City car wash goes green by saving customers up to 10% with better gas mileage

New York City car wash goes green by saving customers up to 10% with better gas mileage
New York, NY. In response to growing concerns about the harmful effects that carbon emissions have on the environment, Broadway Bridge Wash & Lube announced today it’s Better Gas Mileage maintenance package to improve their customers’ gas mileage to 10% on and reduce costs at the pump year round. With the price of oil exceeding $100 and gas costs rising nationwide (up to almost four dollars a gallon in some parts of the nation), this NYC car wash and maintenance center has decided to give customers a way to take control of their oil consumption.

“Most people don’t know that quality car maintenance can maximize car efficiency and thus fuel economy giving car owners more miles to the gallon and more bang for their buck,” says store manager Moshe Farkash. “The fact is there are definitive things you can do, like changing your air filter, cleaning your fuel injection system, using the correct grade of oil in your motor, and making sure you have the correct air pressure in your tires, that can have a dramatic impact on fuel efficiency. And with going green becoming more then just a trend but a way of life, we thought we’d do our part by offering a package that not only improves the environment but saves our customers money at the same time.”

Located in Manhattan on the corner of 220th Street and Broadway, this NYC car wash has over 25 years of auto industry experience, making them uniquely able to deliver sound fuel economy solutions. However, according to Farkash, these energy saving practices aren’t new. “It’s just a matter of treating your car like the high performance tool that it is, says Farkash. “The problem is most people take advantage of their vehicle without realizing the benefits associated with proper auto care.” 

With recent trends and media coverage supporting simple green solutions for the future, the Manhattan oil change and efficiency expert thought the time was right time to remind people of what the team at Broadway Bridge Wash & Lube has been saying for years. 

“Even little things that seem unimportant, like making sure you have enough air in your tires, can make a huge difference and increase your energy and cost savings. The truth is going green just makes good sense,” says Farkash. “If you can improve your fuel economy and help reduce the heat trapping gases that lead to climate change why not reap the mutual rewards?”

To follow up this energy efficiency campaign, Broadway Bridge Wash & Lube is also sponsoring an Earth Day special in April, geared for promoting outreach about the climate crisis and rewarding those New Yorkers driving hybrid vehicles with cost savings packages. Also known for their innovative detailing and interior cleaning methods as well as their quick and comprehensive maintenance packages, Broadway Bridge Wash & Lube is dedicated to making a difference by creating a pleasant atmosphere where professionalism and quality service remain the gold standards for NYC automotive care. 

“Our promotion is just the first step toward giving car owners a chance to take control of their dollar in a time when gas costs are escalating — which delivers the peace of mind we’re all looking for,” says Farkash. “Our customer service model has always been hinged on customer benefit and that’s just good business for both the cost conscious and the environmentalists alike.”