New York City CAR WASH reinvents classic NY WASH AND LUBE model

New York City CAR WASH reinvents classic NY WASH AND LUBE model
April 7, 2008, New York, NY: NYC car wash Broadway Bridge Wash and Lube announced today it’s first Earth Day celebration on April 22, 2008 to promote the dramatic impact proper car maintenance can have on carbon reduction and cost savings at the gas pump. By promoting simple practices like how replacing a clogged air filter or keeping your tires inflated to the proper pressure can cumulatively improve your gas mileage up to 13%, Broadway Bridge Wash & Lube hopes to give consumers useful tips they can use tomorrow to begin helping reduce climate change.

In addition, this New York City car wash will also donate 2 dollars to the for every car that signs up for their Better Gas Miles package at this all-day event. As part of this initiative Broadway Bridge Wash & Lube has also partnered with national OEM autoparts provider Mighty Auto Parts, who has agreed to match all funds that Broadway Bridge donates to the Carbon Fund. Broadway Bridge consultants will also be on hand to provide customers with sound advice on automotive energy savings. 

“We thought we could help support Earth Day in a way that is both caring and powerful,” says store manager Moshe Farkash. “Today’s car owners and automotive professionals have tremendous potential to influence the way we consume energy and how much. The good news is that energy savings leads to financial savings, which provides incentives to go green that everyone understands.” 

Not surprisingly, Farkash and his wife are both staunch believers in going green and feel strongly enough about environmental issues to promote these practices in their daily life. 

“We buy the LED lights and make sure to reduce our reliance on paper products,” Farkash says. “It’s important that everyone plays their part, but car owners especially need to know how much of an impact they can make with simple choices. For example, fixing a faulty gas sensor can actually increase your gas mileage by up to 40%.”

Farkash’s management position at New York car wash Broadway Bridge Wash & Lube makes him uniquely able to influence the general public about these energy savings practices. His promotion is meant to educate and enlighten while getting people greened up for their life on the road.

“We understand that today’s automotive professionals have a responsibility to not only perform the services they are trained to do but to also inform the general public about conservation—that’s what makes the carbon fund such a worthy cause.

The Carbon Fund is a nonprofit committed to helping people minimize their own impact on the climate by promoting cost-effective solutions to reduce carbon emission. The organization’s efforts are concentrated in three primary areas: promoting carbon offsets so individuals can offset their own carbon footprint; educating the public about cost-effective solutions to the climate crisis; and promoting other organizations on the forefront of the fight against climate change and the drive to reduce global carbon dioxide emissions.

“We hope to work with them more closely in the future,” Farkash says. “But arming them with enough financial fuel to promote their message is a perfect start.”

For more information or to receive a free electronic (and environmentally-safe) flier about how to save energy with simple maintenance packages contact or log on to