We all know that keeping your vehicle cleaned and properly waxed is the most important step toward preventing it from prematurely losing its luster from the dirt, salt, and contaminants stirred up by New York’s temperamental weather conditions. Further, making sure your interior is meticulously cleaned will go a long way to preventing ground-in dirt from staining and wearing out upholstery while eliminating lingering odors. (Just try and remember where you’ve been walking in this city and the picture becomes abundantly clear). This is especially true from those who lease their vehicles and have to pay premiums for any exterior damage to their cars.

However, finding a good car wash in Manhattan can be a bit of a chore. From assembly-line centers that care little about your prized vehicle to inflated pricing at detail centers, finding a responsible car wash that will give you a professional job at a competitive price isn’t easy. But making sure you know what to look for can help you keep your car looking like new without breaking the bank.

When you look for a good NYC car wash, make sure you look at their menu of services for certain key items. 

A basic NY car wash should always include a rust inhibitor, undercarriage cleaning and some sort of foam wax. A full-service New York City car wash should include all of those items plus interior vacuum and washing and possibly interior window cleaning. Packages are usually built from these basic services that include extras like complete Armor All, a hot wax, hand spray wax, plastic mat cleaning, and wheel rim shining. 

The automatic car washing systems most of us have grown accustomed to usually provide this type of standard or basic washing service. In these mechanized brushless car-washing systems your car moves on a conveyor belt though a series of tunnel-like bays. Water and soap are sprayed onto the vehicle and large, bristle free fabrics wash away dirt. Tires and wheels are likewise sprayed with a hot water and soap mixture and vigorously scrubbed to eliminate dirt and grime. A high-pressurized rinse cycle follows and, finally, a wax foam forms a protective layer around your car. Sometimes Manhattan car washes will finish with a spot free soft water rinse, but other times the foam wax is merely buffed to a high shine. Once your car has moved through the system attendants dry off the car, vacuum the interior if you choose a deluxe wash service, and clean your plastic floor mats.

For a more polished look, exterior detailing services usually include full service washes paired with meticulous hand washing and waxing techniques that often cost a little more. Costs can vary for this kind of service based on what you’d like done from hand washing and waxing to carpet shampoos deodorizing and upholstery cleaning. (You should expect to pay a little more for SUVs, trucks and vans that you would for a standard car since they obviously require more effort to clean.)

A complete interior and exterior detailing job can be anywhere from $115 to over $200. What you’re paying for is personal, loving attention to detail, however when you pay for complete detailing you should make sure you receive it.

A complete interior and exterior detailing package should include:
• Full Service Wash or Hand Wash
• Compound" Treatment
• Oxidation Removal
• Tar Removal
• Wheel Well Cleaning
• Exterior Dressing (Armor All)
• Hand Wax
• Full Service Wash
• Carpet Shampoo
• Upholstery Cleaning
• Carpet & Upholstery Drying
• Interior Dressing (Lexoll)
• Deodorizing

This sort of custom service avoids harsh abrasives and utilizes only mild soaps and sponges guaranteed not to scratch your car’s surface. To keep your car as beautiful as the day you bought it, your best route is to get your car detailed every few months to the maintain and then follow up that detailing with frequent standard cleaning services from a carwash that guarantees your car won’t be damaged by its machines. With today’s brushless car wash technologies, there is less danger of scratches or damage.

Whatever New York car wash services you choose, your car should roll out of a cleaning treatment gleaming and sparkling just like the day it caught your eye. If you find your local car wash cutting corners than that’s evidence that you should go to a professional who cares.

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