Time out magazine on Broadway bridge WASH & LUBE

Time out magazine on Broadway bridge WASH & LUBE
New York, New York: May 11, 2009: Time Out New York recently named Broadway Bridge Wash & Lube the City’s classiest NYC car wash in its “A Gearhead Guide to NYC” segment of the magazine’s popular “Own This City” column. “We’re honored to be recognized,” says Broadway Wash & Lube manager Moshe Farkash. “When you put your nose to the grindstone to provide exemplary service without cutting corners you often wonder if anyone’s paying attention. The nod from TONY—and our repeat customers—just make it official. The truth is that we’ve tried really hard to stay true to the classic full service wash and lube model that so many of our competitors have abandoned for faster solutions.”

Luckily for Farkash, though, New Yorkers love a time-honored classic. At Broadway Wash & Lube, as Time Out New York notes, “A triple-foam wax and an espresso bar are just the beginning…” Customers feel pampered while they sip their cappuccinos and confidant that their cars—a substantial investment for any New York City car owner also paying for long term parking solutions—are handled with white gloves. They even offer custom hand washes in under 20 minutes—a popular option for NYC luxury car owners who are often pressed for time but don’t want to sacrifice quality.

“Just like any product or service the quality is in the details. However, most of the car washes in the City just rush you through,” says Farkash “and the results are the dust bunnies or the spots of grime on the dashboard you notice on your way home.”

Broadway’s blend of old world customer service and cutting edge technology is a breath of fresh air for city dwellers. Located in Manhattan on the corner of 220th Street and Broadway, Broadway Wash & Lube has even turned its attention to the environment by offering a Better Gas Mileage maintenance package that improves their customers’ gas mileage—and thereby reduces the amount of fossil fuels they need to consume.

Broadway’s customers have found that implementing simple maintenance measures now like changing the air filter, cleaning the fuel injection system, using the correct grade of oil in the car’s motor, and making sure the car has the correct air pressure in its tires all have a dramatic impact on their cars’ fuel efficiency.

“We’re acutely aware of environmental concerns facing the automotive industry and have molded our business model around that. By focusing on the details—and spending a little time—first, car owners can make a profound impact on the environment collectively. It’s just common sense really—just like how a little hard work can produce a superior result. This is core of our business: hard work and quality care. We believe this is something that matters and are glad TONY thinks so too.”

For more information on Broadway Bridge Car Wash special rates and coupons go to www.broadwaycarwash.com. To view the article in Time Out NY please CLICK HERE.